Tramping Programme 12 January 2022 – 30 March 2022

Note: The cost of all tramps is $20

12 January         8.30am               Rakaia Gorge Walkway

Standard route: An easy walk from Evans Family Reserve to the boat harbour and return. Some moderate climbs and descents with lovely river and gorge views.

Alternative route: As above, but via the LoopTrack

Stats: distance 10.3km, vertical ascent 414m, time 3hrs 30mins

Alternative Pickup: Yaldhurst

 19 January         8.30am               Coalpit Spur

This is a new tramp in Craigieburn Forest Park.

Standard Route: up Mistletoe track to the ridge then down Craigieburn Road and drop down Coalpit Spur.

Alternative Route: around Sidle 73 track before descending the Coalpit Spur track.

Stats: yet to be recorded

Alternative Pickup: Yaldhurst

26 January         8.30am               Okuti Valley, French Peak

This is a new tramp out from Little River. A farm walk with steady inclines to a saddle where the Alternates can stop for lunch while the Standards head up French Peak.

Stats: distance 14.8km, ascent 720m, time 4hrs 30mins

Alternative Pickup: Halswell

2 February         8.30am               Glenafric

Walking over undulating farmland to the coastal cliff for lunch with great sea views.

Standard Route: Returning via the beach. Alternative Route: Returning via farmland.

Stats: distance 14.3km (alternates 13km), vertical ascent 640m, time 5hrs

Alternative Pickup: Woodend

 9 February         8.30am               Gebbies Pass – Kaituna Valley

Alternative Route: A gentle climb through pine forest and farmland to the Packhorse Hut, descending to Kaituna Valley after lunch.

Standard Route: As above, but continue along Mt Bradley Track for lunch before descending to Kaituna Valley.

Stats: distance 13km, ascent 560m, time 4hrs 40mins

Alternative Pickup: Halswell

16 February       8.30am               Mt Oxford – Ryde Falls

Standard route: Mt Oxford: A challenging climb of Mt Oxford with magnificent 360-degree views to enjoy at lunch time.

Alternative route: Ryde Falls. Beautiful steady, mostly bush walk to the falls. Some stiff climbs and descents.

Stats: distance 15km, ascent 960m (alternates 218m), time 5hrs

Alternative Pickup: Tram Rd cnr Greigs Rd

23 February       8.30am               Craigieburn Forest Park – Ski Lodge – Hwy 73

Standard route: Steady ascent to Lyndon Saddle to join Craigieburn Valley Track.

Continue on track to ski field base, and return via ski field road to SH 73.

Alternative route: Short walk along Craigieburn Ski Field Road to join undulating Craigieburn Valley Track. Continue along track to ski field base, returning via ski field road.

Stats: distance 14km, vertical ascent 612m, time 4hrs

Alternative Pickup: Yaldhurst

 2 March              8.30am               Kate Valley – Tiromoana Bush Walkway

Standard Route: An undulating descent through Tiromoana wetlands and farmland. Detour from the wetlands track to climb Ella Peak before continuing to the beautiful Pegasus Bay beach for lunch. Steady ascent along a shingle road to the bus.

Alternative route: As above, except for the climb to Ella Peak.

Stats: distance 12.8km (alternates 11km), vertical ascent 424m, time 4hrs 25min

Alternative Pickup: Woodend

9 March             8.30am                Peak Hill Lake Coleridge

Standard Route: Follow track from the bottom of Peak Hill to the summit, a climb of 700 metres. The leader may choose to return by the same or the alternative route.

Alternative Route: A shorter climb from the bottom to the first knob for lunch and return.

Stats: distance 9.5km, ascent 650m, time 4hrs 20mins

Alternative Pickup: Yaldhurst

16 March           8.30am               Sugarloaf 13 Mile Hut

Standard Route: The track follows 13 Mile Bush Stream through the beech forest with several stream crossings and a steady climb to the hut. The track is typical of many back-country hunters’ trails, covering rough ground in places.

Alternative Route: As for Standards for as long as terrain and stamina allow. There is an open gully that would be a suitable lunch spot.

Stats: yet to be recorded

Alternative Pickup: Yaldhurst

 23 March            8:30am               Mt Alford

Standard Route: Steady climb through Alford Reserve beech forest, tussock country and then sub-alpine scrub to top of Mt Alford. Great views. Return via same route.

Alternative Route: Same as above climbing as high as able, followed by side trip through Alford Forest Scenic Reserve

Stats: distance 9km, vertical ascent 730m, time 4hrs 45mins

Alternative Pickup: Yaldhurst

30 March            8.30am               Sign of the Bellbird to Evans Pass

An open, grassy ridge climb with some rock-hopping to start and then ranging from easy to steeper climbing and descent sections.

Standard route: Crater Rim walkway from the Sign of the Bellbird to Evans Pass.

Alternative route: Crater Rim walkway from the Sign of the Kiwi to Evans Pass.

Stats: distance 17km, vertical ascent 410m, time 5hrs

Alternative Pickup: N/A